Do you sense an elephant in the room …or rather, window?

elephant spotting
One of 22 elephants waiting to be “discovered” in the windows of local shops and businesses

Anyone noticed that a number of shops and businesses in Enderby have a little plastic elephant in their window?

The elephants, made from recycled milk cartons, have been made by Enderby Ranger Guides and form part of an elephant trail for Rainbows, Brownies and Guides to follow and in so doing gain their “on the Move” part of the Midland Arts challenge badge.

Enderby Ranger Guides are grateful to all those who are participating in this endeavour by agreeing to host an elephant.

The challenge began in June and runs until September with 22 elephants in total. Can you spot them all?

Ranger Guides are part of the senior section of Girl Guiding, aged from 14yrs onwards. New members are always welcome. Details are available on the national girl guiding website at … click on the section “Get Involved”.


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