Designated dog-waste bins may ‘disappear’ after local trial

Designated dog-waste bins are under threat as Blaby District Council run an ‘any bin will do’ trial in Enderby and Narborough.

At their meeting on 14th March, Enderby Parish Councillors resolved to make strong representations to both the District and County Councils against the move to remove the dedicated bins.

The trial is being undertaken following proposed changes to the District Council’s provision of street and open space bins – primarily, the district’s designated dog waste bins (DDWB’s).

Many dog lovers are grateful for the designated dog bins placed on the streets and open spaces popular with dog walkers. Stickers, identifying that dog waste may now be deposited in general waste bins, have been affixed to rubbish bins in the trial areas of Enderby and Narborough.

The changes arise following a decision by the County Council that Blaby District could no longer dispose of waste from designated dog waste bins at their Waste Transfer site and that the waste material should be taken directly to landfill at Shawell, near Lutterworth.

The move created an ‘operational disadvantage’ to the District Council as the transfer station is next door to its depot in Whetstone.

Apart from the extra man-hours and mileage considerations in the journey to Lutterworth, the District Council also points to  the vehicles in the Cleansing department not being suitable for landfill sites, and are experiencing increased damage as well as accumulations of mud on the underside of the vehicle chassis. 

This is presenting difficulty with servicing the vehicles, as well as decreasing the vehicles load carrying capacity.

Luke Clements, Waste Operations Manager at Blaby District Council, informed Parish Councillors by email that almost half of all of the street bins currently provided are designated dog waste bins.

All District Cleansing crews collect waste from these bins. So the County Council decision has affected the whole service.

In an attempt to find a workable solution, the District and County Council’s arrived at an agreement.

The agreement is to close the designated dog waste bins in the trial areas of Enderby and Narborough and encourage the redirection of bagged dog waste into the general litter bins.

Luke Clements points out that many other councils have already adopted the ‘Any Bin Will Do’ policy to dog waste, and he himself has first hand experience of this from his time at Hinckley Borough Council.

Leicestershire County Council are happy to accept dog waste at their transfer stations as long as it is mixed in the bag with other material. So during the trial period the District Council will be able to take street litter bin waste from the trial area to Whetstone Transfer Station.

The trial period is expected to begin on March 19th and run for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Leicestershire County Council will take a view after the initial fortnight and determine whether they want to extend the trial or make a permanent decision one way or the other.

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