Councils share services to save money

Chief executives from the three Leicestershire district councils at the launch of the new shared ICT service. L-R Frank Morris (managing director, local government, at Steria UK), Steve Atkinson (chief exec. Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council), Sandra Whiles (chief exec. Blaby District Council), Mark Hall (chief executive, Oadby and Wigston Borough Council).

Originally published 7th February 2011

Sharing computer technology with a neighbouring local authority will enable Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and Blaby District Council to save in excess of £200,000 as a direct result of a new, expanded ICT partnership arrangement starting this month.

Information technology provider Steria has been providing ICT services for Hinckley and Bosworth and Oadby and Wigston Borough Councils for the last four years. Now it will design, implement and manage the shared service for all three councils. Through rationalisation and economies of scale, the shared service will allow for service improvements and a more reliable and robust infrastructure across the three Leicestershire district councils.

The shared service provided by Steria is expected to save Hinckley and Bosworth a further £70,000 and Blaby £150,000 and will guarantee further savings to the shared service of at least 10 per cent of the original contract value over the next four years.

Blaby will also benefit from a more resilient service which will see Steria provide additional improvements, including significant disaster recovery benefits and increased access to cutting edge IT expertise and technology.

Sandra Whiles, chief executive at Blaby District Council said:

“Whilst we are proud of the quality and reliability of the ICT service our in-house team provided we see the new arrangements as a win-win situation. It will bring greater efficiencies, resilience and opportunities to improve the delivery of front line services for local people.”

Sanjiv Kohli, deputy chief executive at Hinckley and Bosworth, added:

“Our existing contract with Steria has provided us with high service quality, flexibility and great value for money and the shared service with Oadby and Wigston has over the past four years, delivered real financial and operational benefits to both councils. With Blaby joining the partnership we will be able to further strengthen our ICT infrastructure.”

Frank Morris, managing director, local government, at Steria UK said,

“Having seen the ICT shared services centre in Leicester achieve great client satisfaction, we are pleased to see Blaby District Council join in to reap similar rewards.”

Morris continued:

“The ICT shared services centre enables more effective ICT service delivery and can achieve greater economies of scale for our customers. Responsiveness and cost benefits are just a few of the reasons why more local authorities are embracing the shared services model.”

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