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Council Tax BenefitThe Government decided that Council Tax Benefit will end on 31st March 2013 and every Council must replace it with a new local scheme. The new scheme is called Council Tax Support.

The information on this page is reproduced from the Blaby District Council website. If you wish to view the original page on the District Council website, click here.

Councils will receive less money from the Government to pay for their new schemes. For Blaby District Council this means that we have to find savings of about £460,000.

When we designed our local scheme we had to make some difficult decisions about who we could help and how much Council Tax Support they could receive.

We consulted with existing working age benefit recipients, landlords, some pension age claimants and a range of community and welfare groups between 2nd August and 23rd November 2012.

This page provides some answers to some frequently asked questions about our local Council Tax Support scheme. This will help you to understand what is changing and how this may affect you.


What is Council Tax Benefit?

Council Tax Benefit is a way of helping people on a low income or who may be in receipt of other benefits (such as Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance or Pension Credit) to pay their Council Tax.

Currently people who are entitled to help can get benefit to pay for part or all of their Council Tax bill depending on their circumstances.

Council Tax Benefit

What is Blaby District Council’s local scheme?

We have based our local scheme broadly on the existing Council Tax Benefit scheme with some changes to help meet the reduction in funding from the Government. The local scheme includes the following changes for working age people:

  • Everyone will have to pay at least 8.5% of their Council Tax bill
  • Residents with income that is higher than the amount that the Government says they need to live will have a higher deduction made. Presently they lose 20p for every £1 over the living allowance, this will increase to 25p.
  • The Second Adult Rebate scheme will end (this scheme gives a reduction of up to 25% to anyone who is single but sharing their home with someone on a low income).

Will pensioners be affected by these changes?

No, these changes only affect working age people. The Government has set out rules to ensure that pensioners are protected and will not have their entitlement reduced under the new scheme.

Will you have to apply for this new scheme?

If you currently receive Council Tax Benefit (and continue to do so until 31st March 2013) you will not have to re-apply as you will be switched over to the new scheme.

How will the new Council Tax Support be paid?

The amount you are entitled to will be used to reduce your Council Tax liability and you will receive a Council Tax bill showing this reduced amount and how much you will have to pay.

How much Council Tax will I have to pay under the new Council Tax Support scheme?

In Blaby District all working age people will have to pay at least 8.5% of their Council Tax (even if they have not had anything to pay previously). This means that for most people of working age they will have to pay more than they do now.

Is there any extra help for people who are experiencing severe financial hardship and are vulnerable?

In the first year of this new scheme the council has set up a separate discretionary discount scheme to support local people experiencing severe financial hardship who need extra help to pay their Council Tax. People will have to apply for help from this scheme by contacting the Benefits Team on            0116 272 7510       in the first instance.

Council Tax Benefit

Contact us

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