Cook, Eat, Save…

N0569 Cook Eat Save 784x492Each year in Leicestershire around 57,000 tonnes of food waste is needlessly sent to landfill or treatment in our rubbish bags.

Instead of being avoided altogether, this food waste will:

1. Rot in landfill at high taxpayer expense

2. Cost your household up to £720 extra per year in personal food bills

3. Pump harmful methane gas into the atmosphere

Additionally in Leicester City residents throw away around 27,000 tonnes of food waste each year in the residual bins, most of which goes to Wanlip AD plant.

If you find yourself wondering how to save money and prevent food waste then our Cook, Eat, Save campaign is just for you.

Visit the Cook, Eat, Save website and we will guide you through reducing your food waste and saving money!

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