Community Safety Partnership focuses on inconsiderate parking

car parked on pavementResidents in Enderby and elsewhere in the District of Blaby are being urged to ensure their parked cars do not cause disruption for other people.

Blaby District Council’s Community Safety Partnership is in the middle of a campaign to make people aware of the issues caused by inconsiderate parking after residents raised concerns.

Issues include double parking, blocking people’s drives and preventing pedestrians walking on the pavement.

In particular, inconsiderate parking can cause serious problems for emergency services vehicles, especially fire engines.

While the majority of complaints are for parking that is inconsiderate rather than illegal, it is an offence to obstruct emergency vehicles. Emergency services are legally permitted to forcibly remove vehicles causing an obstruction based on the seriousness of the incident they are attending.

Blaby District Council and its partners are asking people to ensure:

  • You leave enough space for a fire engine or an ambulance to pass
  • You leave extra room near tight corners
  • You avoid parking by a dropped kerb
  • Do not park over a yellow zigzag or “keep clear” zone

Leicestershire Police deal with cars blocking the pavement. They can be reported via 0116 222 2222. Any illegal ‘on-road’ parking within the county is dealt with by Leicestershire County Council.

More information can be found on the partnership’s Facebook page via

[Source: Blaby District Council Communications]

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