Community Plan for Blaby District published

The Community Plan (previously known as the Sustainable Community Strategy) sets out the long term vision for the District of Blaby and explains what the District Council, through Blaby Together, plan to do to achieve it.

The Community Plan has been put together by involving representatives of local people to find out what they want us to do, by gathering evidence and capturing community aspirations.

The main issues Blaby Together wants to tackle are laid out and what we in partnership want to achieve. Key priorities and ambitions for our district have been agreed, so that together the organisations that provide local services can bring about real improvements for the people living in, working in and visiting Blaby.


Further information

The duty to prepare a community strategy is part of the Government’s wider programme of democratic renewal and reform which aims to ensure that Councils are accountable, open and responsive to the needs of local communities and that there is continuous improvement in the efficiency and quality of services.

Whilst the guidance is not prescriptive about the time scale or process it does set out the following as given objectives and principles:


  • Allow local communities (based on geography and/or interest) to articulate their aspirations, needs and priorities.
  • Co-ordinate the actions of the council, and of the public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations that operate locally.
  • Focus and shape existing and future activity of those organisations so that they effectively meet community needs and aspirations.
  • Contribute to the achievement of sustainable development both locally and more widely.

A Community strategy must have four key components

  • A long term vision for the area focusing on the outcomes that are to be achieved.
  • An action plan identifying shorter-term priorities and activities that will contribute to the achievement of long term outcomes.
  • A shared commitment to implement the action plan and proposals for doing so.
  • Arrangements for monitoring and review and for reporting progress to local communities.

The guidance includes the following underpinning principles

  • Engage and involve local communities.
  • Involve active participation of councillors within and outside the executive.
  • Be prepared and implemented by a broad ‘local strategic partnership’ i.e. in partnership with stakeholders.
  • Be based on a proper assessment of needs and the availability of resources.

The guidance also emphasises the promotion of equality of opportunity. The guidance states that the Community Strategy should provide a vision for 10-15 years hence. The guidance recommends that the Strategy should be updated every three to five years.

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