Changes to taxi licences

98-taxi-cabA number of new changes will be coming into force for hackney carriages and private hire drivers and operators.

There will be an age vehicle policy for new vehicles – only new vehicles aged five years and under will be licensed by the authority.

Older vehicles will only be considered if they are in exceptional condition.

If anyone wants to licence a vehicle older than five years they will need to have the vehicle inspected by a licensing officer, prior to having the vehicle tested at one of the approved garages, who will decide if the vehicle is in exceptional condition or not.

The Knowledge Test, which has to be taken by all new taxi drivers, has been updated.

The updated test will include writing a receipt, highway code questions, questions on relevant legislation (Town Police Clauses Act 1847 and Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1976), questions on driver and vehicle conditions, maths questions, identifying places, and shortest routes (hackney carriage applicants only).

The Knowledge Test will take place every three weeks. Anyone who would like to book can contact the Licensing Department on 0116 272 7782 / 7783 or email licensing[at]

The cost of the test is £20 and candidates will be required to pay for the test when booking. Please note there are three attempts to pass, failure to pass means candidates are not able to re-apply for 12 months.

Both hackney carriage and private hire drivers are subject to conditions on their driver’s badges and their vehicle licences.

Anyone with cause for concern about a driver or their vehicle can contact the Licensing Department on 0116 272 7782 / 7783 or email: who will investigate the complaint and take any appropriate action.

Original item sourced from Blaby District Council website

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