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Action week focusses on noisy neighbours

Noise Action Week BadgeIt may be passing quietly ….or not – but this week is Noise Action Week (May 18 – 23 2015).

Blaby District Council is teaming up with partners as part of a national effort to tackle noisy nuisance neighbours.

The campaign not only urges residents to be tolerant of those they live close to, but also ask themselves “am I a noisy neighbour?”

In the past 12 months the council has received a variety of complaints about noise, including concerns about barking dogs, DIY, noisy TVs and music, parties, cars and house alarms.

Investigating noise complaints  costs  councils anything from £130 to £7,000 per complaint. This is not just a cost to the council – those affected by noise need to provide evidence to support investigations. Housing providers and police community support teams also tackle noise.

Blaby District Council is part of the Anti-social Behaviour Delivery Group, which is made up of local authorities across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, and the police.

cllr Joe Orson
Cllr. Joe Orson

Joe Orson, county council cabinet member for safer communities, said:

“We want to encourage people to behave respectfully towards their neighbours and allow them to enjoy their homes without noise nuisance.

“However, we understand that households can be busy, lively and sometimes loud places with children, pets and DIY, so sometimes people need to be a little more tolerant.

“Asking yourself a question about your own noise levels helps focus you on what you could do to be a better neighbour?”

Supt. Mark Newcombe
Supt. Mark Newcombe

Superintendent Mark Newcombe the force’s lead on anti- social behaviour, said:

“At its worse, this type of anti-social behaviour can have a detrimental impact on a person’s quality of life and can leave them feeling unsafe or cause confrontational situations to occur.

“However, there are also times when the matter could be easily resolved with less confrontation if both parties spoke to each other first, especially if it is a one off event. If you are having a party then it is always a good idea to let your neighbours know in advance.

“We hope this campaign will encourage neighbours to be both more respectful and more tolerant when it comes to noise.”

The Anti-Social Behaviour Delivery Group has also produced a template for a letter which they hope residents can download and use to inform their neighbours in a positive, friendly way about their concerns.

Respect And Tolerate Update Banner

This, as well as tips on dealing with the county’s “top six” noise complaints, is available at:

To report anti-social behaviour call the council on 0116 272 7677.

The police can be contacted on 101* or Crimestoppers, which is free and anonymous, on 0800 555 111.

*Calls to 101 from landlines and mobiles cost 15 pence per call, no matter what time of day you call or how long your call lasts.

Fancy tea in the garden (for charity)?

ngs-logo-compositeEnderby residents are being invited to come together for a ‘Tea in the Garden’ event.

The garden at 12 Alexander Avenue in Enderby is the venue of the event being held between 11am and 5pm on Sunday 31st May.

It’s all in aid of charity and admission is just £2 (children free).

There will be plants for sale, tea and home-made cakes.

Last year, a similar event raised over £800 for nursing charities, mainly Macmillan and Marie Curie.

Nationally, the NGS (National Gardens Scheme) donated £2.5 million to those charities in 2014.

All that remains is to pray for good weather and an enjoyable stroll around the garden, a cuppa and a slice of home-made cake!

View National Gardens Scheme (NGS) website


Local Area Coordination – Come and learn about this new scheme


(Updated 18/11/14)

Key community stakeholders are being invited to an event to learn about an exciting new scheme that is starting in Enderby.

Local Area Coordination (LAC) is an approach to supporting people and their families so they can enjoy a quality of life as part of their local community.

It is “…a model of support for vulnerable people which focuses on identifying and supporting those who need help before they reach crisis and working towards building an inclusive, resilient community around them.”

A meeting where people can learn more about the scheme, including how to become involved, is to be held at Enderby Civic Centre on Wednesday 19th November, commencing at 7.00pm.

Those wishing to attend are asked to confirm their attendance by either emailing or by telephone: 0116 272 7725.

View invitation flyer here.

LAC was originally developed in Western Australia in the 1980’s and is now being implemented across parts of England and Wales. It is an early intervention based approach, and aims to support people and their families to have a good life as part of their local community.

Some of the  desired outcomes for individuals and communities through the LAC project include:
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Fewer hospital/emergency admissions and visits to GP
  • Better quality of life; improved confidence and independence
  • Stronger individuals, families and communities
  • Improved community links and social interactions
  • Greater community cohesion, community capacity and resilience
  • Positive use of community assets and resources
  • Increased levels of people engaging in volunteering, training or employment

The scheme is currently running in other areas of the UK including Derby, Thurrock, Monmouthshire and Cumbria

Halloween: Are you in ……Or are you out?

136-halloween-posterThe police and councils around Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland are asking this question hoping to reduce the number of calls they receive on Halloween by encouraging people to trick and treat only where they are welcome.

The joint campaign is being launched to reduce the number of complaints about Halloween related anti-social behaviour. Double sided posters are being distributed with two messages:
Residents who want trick treaters can display the message: ‘Trick or Treaters Welcome Here’

Those who don’t, can display the other side that says: ’No Thanks Trick or Treaters’

Last year the police received 134 non-urgent calls about anti-social behaviour on 31 October. On average the force receives 68 calls a day about anti-social behaviour. This is however a big reduction when compared to 2008 when they dealt with 247 calls in one night.

Chief Inspector Sian Walls, at Leicestershire Police, said;

“We always see an increase in calls relating to anti-social behaviour on Halloween and we want to encourage trick or treaters to respect people’s wishes and not to knock on doors where they are not welcome.

“It is also important to remember that there will be many young people knocking on doors in the spirit of Halloween and, if done in the right manner, that isn’t anti-social behaviour it can be fun.

“We want to encourage residents to be tolerant of young people who are trick or treating but we wish to support residents who do experience genuine problems. We’d encourage parents to accompany young children and take time to talk to their older children about responsible trick or treating and to find out what their plans are for Halloween and where they are going to be.”

Extra officers will be on patrol at night on Halloween, including special constables and Leicestershire Youth Offending Service’s IMPACT team. Many people will also be conducting joint patrols with volunteers, colleagues from community safety partnerships and street pastors.”

Cllr Maggie Wright, portfolio holder for Community Services at Blaby District Council, said:

“These posters are great because they display a clear message to young people. We’ve done a lot of work to tell young people what to look for.

“We need to ensure that vulnerable people in our communities feel safe and are reassured that agencies are working to ensure that people will not be knocking at their doors if they do not want them to.”

You can pick up your poster from police stations or you can download them from the police website or local council websites. They are also being put in libraries, council offices and community centres for collection.

For more information on the campaign, and to see the posters, visit:

Anyone who wants to report anti-social behaviour in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland can call Leicestershire Police on 101* or Crimestoppers, which is free** and anonymous, on 0800 555 111.

* Calls to 101 cost 15p for the entire call from both mobile phones and land lines
** Please note some mobile phone service providers may charge for this call.

Cook, Eat, Save…

N0569 Cook Eat Save 784x492Each year in Leicestershire around 57,000 tonnes of food waste is needlessly sent to landfill or treatment in our rubbish bags.

Instead of being avoided altogether, this food waste will:

1. Rot in landfill at high taxpayer expense

2. Cost your household up to £720 extra per year in personal food bills

3. Pump harmful methane gas into the atmosphere

Additionally in Leicester City residents throw away around 27,000 tonnes of food waste each year in the residual bins, most of which goes to Wanlip AD plant.

If you find yourself wondering how to save money and prevent food waste then our Cook, Eat, Save campaign is just for you.

Visit the Cook, Eat, Save website and we will guide you through reducing your food waste and saving money!