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Stay With Me campaign launches to improve care for patients with dementia

A new initiative to improve the experience of people with dementia, who come into Leicester’s Hospitals, will be officially launched by Nicci Gerrard, founder of John’s Campaign and Julie Smith Chief Nurse, at Leicester’s Hospitals Champions Celebration Event on Wednesday, 13th September.

This inspiring initiative will be called ‘Stay with Me’, and will be rolled out over the next month into all wards and clinical areas.

The Champions Celebration Event is taking place during Older People’s Month 2017 to celebrate the hard work and support Dementia and Older People Champions provide for older people and people with dementia in and around Leicester’s Hospitals.

The principles of ‘Stay with Me’ were inspired by John’s Campaign, a national initiative founded by Nicci Gerrard in memory of Nicci’s father, Dr John Gerrard.

Justine Allen, from the Patient Experience Team explains:

“We’ve developed our initiative from the campaigns statement of purpose, ‘Stay with Me’. The ethos of ‘Stay with Me’ is to help create a welcoming environment on all hospital wards where there are no barriers for family  who wish to stay beyond visiting times for patients with dementia.

“There is a wealth of evidence to suggest patients with dementia who are often frail, vulnerable adults have much more positive outcomes if they are with people they are most familiar with.

“The principles behind this campaign are very simple and similar to that of our existing Carers Charter; to allow family, carers and friends to help support vulnerable patients so it made sense to trial the campaign to see if it could enhance what we already do.”

Throughout June and July 2017, the initiative was piloted on wards 32, 33 and 36 at Leicester Royal Infirmary to see how it works in practice, and to identify possible barriers and difficulties.

During the pilot, staff welcomed carers, friends and family onto the wards beyond standard visiting hours and worked in partnership with families to help provide the best possible care for the patient.

Over 1,400 patients were admitted through the three wards, of which 14 patients had a diagnosis of dementia and had family  who were supported by the scheme to stay beyond visiting times with the patient.

Justine continues:

“Where patients may need some extra support, we have found this is often best placed to come from someone they know and love. Being in hospital can be an emotional and overwhelming experience, especially for patients with dementia.

“Having a familiar face by your side to help with getting dressed, eating or by just simply being there for company and reassurance, can make a huge difference to health and recovery.”

The results of the pilot were overwhelmingly positive and showed excellent engagement with staff from start to finish. Carer and family feedback also suggested they felt more supported and involved.

For further information about John’s Campaign, please visit

[Source: University Hospitals Leicester Communications | Logo and slogan artwork by Claudia Myatt]

Leicestershire Police launch Safe Pass campaign

Leicestershire Police have launched a campaign aimed at getting motorists to put safety first when they are overtaking cyclists.

The Safe Pass campaign uses a video to demonstrate safe and unsafe overtaking and emphasises the vulnerability of cyclists, whatever their age or ability.

It is endorsed by racing and Olympic gold medal cyclist Chris Boardman, MBE.

Narrated by 14 year old police cadet Keira Pibworth, who was also involved in the filming, the 90 second video has been timed to coincide with the run-up to school holidays, when more cyclists will take to the roads for leisure or because they are cycling to work during better weather.

Safe Pass is available via the force website and social media, leading up to a fortnight’s enforcement in early July, when officers wearing body cameras will covertly film motorists overtaking them as they cycle around various locations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Motorists who pass too close will be pulled over by other officers, to discuss what was wrong with their overtaking.

Inspector Paul Crewe said:

“Providing motorists with the information they need to make a safe pass is a crucial part of this campaign. Our aim is to make the roads safer for cyclists by educating motorists about the distances they need to leave when overtaking, as well as getting them to think about the risks involved before they start to pull out.

“It appears that most instances of dangerous overtaking are going unreported, which helps to explain why we don’t have an accurate picture of how big the problem is. However, nationally there is a growing awareness of the problem and we have a responsibility to inform and warn motorists of the dangers and potential penalties involved.”

Chris Boardman, who is also British Cycling policy advisor, said:

“It’s great to see Leicestershire Police launch this initiative. Close pass education projects such as this are becoming the norm rather than the exception within police forces across the country, and are extremely useful to explain that cyclists are not just obstacles in the road to get around but people – sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

“Bad driving affects us all no matter how we choose to travel and this sends a message that people’s safety is being taken seriously.”

Photo: Chris Boardman
Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman explains how to safely overtake cyclists

The force is currently looking into the most effective way for cyclists to be able to submit film of dangerous overtaking and will publish further details over the next few weeks.

The recommended distance motorists should leave between their vehicle and the cyclist they are overtaking is 1.5 metres – about a car’s width or at least the space between the cyclist (should they fall into the road) and their nearside wheel.

Motorists are also advised to consider the road condition as it will help them to understand why cyclists may appear to ride further away from the curb than expected, for example, uneven grid-covers or dangerous rubbish in the curb.

Motorists who are proven to persistently overtake too closely, or who cause injury or death could face prosecution for dangerous driving.

The maximum penalties are:

  • causing death by dangerous driving – custodial sentence of up to 14 years
  • causing death by careless driving – custodial sentence of up to five years.
[Source & Video: Leicestershire Constabulary | Boardman Photo: ‘Cyclist‘]

Estate agents’ sweet Easter fundraiser

Harrison Murray, Enderby branchAn Enderby estate agent has joined four other Leicestershire estate agency teams who are ‘chocs away’ with a tasty fundraiser for local homelessness project One Roof Leicester.

Harrison Murray Estate Agency (part of The Nottingham) in Enderby has joined the Leicester, Wigston, Syston and Groby offices of the company with raffling chocolate bouquets in-branch to raise cash for the charity.

It’s a sweet starter to a working relationship that, later in the year, will also see Harrison Murray staff visit a couple of One Roof’s premises to help with a gardening project.

Jennie Andrews, senior residential manager at Harrison Murray in Wigston and Syston, said:

“Harrison Murray has long had a reputation for getting involved in positive work in the community and when we heard about One Roof there was an obvious and natural fit – we are extremely proud to link up with them.

“We are getting things underway with the chocolate bouquet raffles, which will run between now and Easter, and we are sure local people will give very generously to such a good cause.

“However, long-term, we are looking for the link-up to truly blossom. Whilst the funds we raise over Easter will be very important to One Roof we want this to be an even more tangible relationship that sees us getting involved in helping them make the difference to homeless people that they do on an ongoing basis, including in the form of volunteering some of our time.”

One Roof manager Salma Ravat added:

“It is fabulous of Harrison Murray to step up and offer this support and we are really proud to be working with such a strong local brand that prides itself on its community work.

We are looking forward to the relationship going from strength to strength and it being a positive boost to our work in helping homeless people in Leicester.”

Anyone wanting to buy a raffle ticket for the chocolate bouquet, priced just £1, should visit the Harrison Murray office at 2 King Street, Enderby or one of the other offices listed below.

  • Groby: 11/11a Ratby Road, LE6 0GF
  • Leicester: 7-9 Halford Street, LE1 1JA
  • Syston: 10 High Street, LE7 1GP
  • Wigston: 13 Leicester Road, LE18 1NR
Staff from the organisations with chocolate bouquets
(l-r): Emily Brown (Harrison Murray), Ryan O’Connor (The Nottingham), Salma Ravat (One Roof), Sangita Ladwa (The Nottingham), Claire Prowse (One Roof) and Sharon Clark (Harrison Murray) with some of the chocolate bouquets.

One Roof provide accommodation, support and advice to homeless and vulnerable people.

More information about their work is available from 

[Source and photo: Harrison Murray]

Charity fashion show in aid of Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

Fashion Show PosterA charity fashion show, with the chance to buy clothes at 50% off the retail price is visiting the District Council Office, Desford Road, in April.

Colours Fundraising Fashion Shows and Pop-up shop will be at Blaby District Council’s offices on Tuesday 18th April.

Doors open at 7pm with the show starting at 7:30pm.

The event features fashion ranges from high street retailers including Next, Topshop, New Look, Oasis, M&S and Wallis.

There will also be a charity raffle and the chance to win some great prizes!

Tickets cost just £5 with all proceeds going to the District Council Chairman’s chosen charity for the year, Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.

Visitors will be able to try on clothes before buying them, with cash, card and cheques accepted for payment.

For tickets and more information, e-mail or call 0116 272 7504.

[Source: Blaby District Council Communications]

Unite for a better internet

Leicestershire Police is taking the message of how we can all make the internet a safer place out to the public at Leicester’s Highcross Shopping Centre on Tuesday 7 February.

The force has been building up to the national Safer Internet Day (SID) during the past few days, through social media posts, and will have officers on hand on the day to give advice and support from 11am until 6pm.

This year, Leicestershire Police is focusing its SID campaign on stopping bullying and online harassment and making the internet a safe and comfortable place, particularly for children and young people.

Parents, carers, educators, social care workers, businesses, decision makers and politicians are being asked to do their bit to help to provide a better internet.

Children are also asked to help by, for example, by being kind and respectful to other people using the internet, protecting their own online reputations (and those of other people) and looking for positive opportunities to create, engage and share online.

Steps internet users can take include:

  • parents and carers keeping an eye on their child’s online activity, behaving positively themselves when online and reporting any inappropriate or illegal content they find
  • educators and social care workers equipping children and young people with the digital literacy skills they need
  • businesses creating and promoting positive content and safe services online, providing clear safety advice and easy-to-use safety tools as well as quick access to support
  • decision makers and politicians ensuring children can learn about online safety through the school curriculum, ensuring parents and carers can access the information and support they need, and that the correct governance and legislation is in place

Sam Hancock, Cyber Protect Officer for Leicestershire Police said:

“There is no place online for bullying or harassment. Officers at our information stand will provide advice and support to help people challenge anyone acting in a negative and harmful manner online.

“Using the internet should be a safe, informative and fun experience for children and young people and each of us has a responsibility to make sure we do our bit to make that possible.”

Information about online safety is published on the Leicestershire Police website at: