Brockington College students deliver aid to schools in Kenya

A team of students from Brockington College have recently completed a trip to Mtwapa, Kenya as part of the Kash 4 Kenya Project.

The team work at 2 schools, Mtwapa Academy School & Sagail Primary & Nursery School, helping to build safer and cleaner classrooms. They also taught classes and learned about life in Kenya.

The project had successs in previous years when students raised thousands of pounds before leaving for Kenya. The funds were spent on building work, mosquito nets, desks and benches, food packages, water tanks and much more.

The 2012 project needed to raise £40,000 to help the schools stay open and their students achieve academic goals.

Without this kind of help these schools cannot exist, forcing the pupils into state schools with over 200 children per class, per teacher.

Their other option is to not go to school. A good education gives these children a good chance of breaking the chains of poverty.

The team on the 2012 trip have produced a daily blog which recorded their thoughts each day of the trip.

The blog can be viewed at

You can read about ways to help this project here

Kash 4 Kenya website


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