Bridgeworks disruption until June 19th

HighwayLocal residents are about to endure more disruption to traffic this weekend as  Enderby Road will again have an overnight closure from the B4114 Foxhunter roundabout to A426 Blaby bypass from 8pm tonight until 6am on Monday due to work on the Railway Bridge at Whetstone.

The road closures are set to continue on various dates from 8pm to 6am through to June 19.

Cllr Garner says bridgeworks "infuriating"

County Councillor Barry Garner who lives in nearby Littlethorpe, whilst acknowledging the fact that work to the bridge was necessary, described the length of time it has taken to complete the bridgeworks as “infuriating”  and a “nightmare”.

A spokesperson for Network Rail has told local media that they have experienced a number of unforeseen issues with the complex works to upgrade the Enderby Road bridge at Whetstone, including  problems with the piling, the embankment and the equipment used to slide the bridge into place.

In September last year, as a result of pile-driving work, cracks appeared in the road bridge.

At that time Network Rail installed motion detectors to check for any shifting in the structure and around mid-October they detected movement.

The reason for the major engineering work being undertaken on the bridge is in order to raise it so larger freight containers can be carried by rail instead of by road.

Network Rail |  Rail.co

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