Bowel Cancer awareness and advice in April

April is Bowel Cancer awareness month. Leicester’s Bowel Cancer Screening team will be highlighting the benefits of early detection through regular screening at various events using the ‘walk in’ colon:

Events planned are:

  • 3rd April, Leicester General Hospital – hospital restaurant
  • 10th April, Leicester Royal Infirmary – hospital restaurant
  • 10th April, Woodlands Garden Centre
  • 17th April, Glenfield Hospital – hospital restaurant
  • 24th April, Rothley Garden Centre
  • 25th April, 6-8pm, FREE Marvellous Medicine talk, Clinical Education Centre at Leicester General Hospital.

EYE bowel graphic

Dr Richard Robinson, Consultant Gastroenterologist said: “Screening can detect bowel cancer early before any symptoms appear. If Bowel Cancer is detected at an early stage it is easier to treat and there is a much better chance of survival.

“A simple screening test offers both reassurance and can identify the disease early, before it becomes more advanced. Everyone thinks it will happen to someone else but for 1 in 14 men and 1 in 19 women, it could be you.”

Leicester’s Bowel Screening team would like all to participate in screening.

One life is saved for every 200 screened.

Regular screening can reduce the risk of dying from Bowel Cancer by 16%. Anyone not yet of the age for screening please encourage those loved ones and friends around that are.

Those aged 55 years will be offered ‘Bowel Scope Screening’, a one-off flexible sigmoidoscopy test. This examination uses a thin, flexible endoscope to look inside the lower part of the bowel – the area in the bowel where polyps most commonly grow. Removing polyps found will reduce the risk of Bowel Cancer.

When reaching 60 years a screening test kit will be sent to you within a few weeks of your 60th birthday and the again every 2 years until the age of 74.

For those attending any of the events in April the screening team will be happy to answer any questions.

The Screening services are co-ordinated from a central Hub, free phone number is 0800 707 6060, email:

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