Blaby Annual Canvass

Each year between August and November, Blaby District Council is required to undertake an Annual Canvass of all households in the District to ensure the Council holds the correct details in its Electoral Register.

In August an annual registration form will be sent to every household in the District listing all the people currently on the register. Residents must by law return the form each year, whether they choose to use their vote or not is their choice.

The Register of Electors is often used to confirm an individual’s address, especially if they are applying for credit such as a mortgage, personal loan or even a mobile telephone. Anyone not registered will probably be refused credit as well as losing their right to have their say via the ballot box.

Persons need to be included on the registration form if they are:

  • 18 and over
  • British, Irish, European or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • 16 and 17 year olds if they will be 18 by 30th November 2012
  • Living at an address within Blaby District on 15th October

Don’t assume that because you were registered last year that your name will be automatically included in this year’s Register of Electors. Also, being on the Council Tax Register does not automatically mean that you are on the Register of Electors, the two registers contain different information.

Anyone who does not receive a registration form or requires help can speak to a member of staff by contacting the Electoral Services Office on 0116 272 7560 or email their request to


How to fill in the annual canvass form

If there are NO changes to the form

If all the details on the form are correct, other than to add or remove existing members of the household from the edited register, you can either:

  • Use the Freephone service at 0800 197 5790 to confirm there are no changes to the existing details.
  • Use our secure Internet service to confirm there are no changes to the details, the address is The service is easy and safe to use, you will also be asked if you wish to vote by post (a tick in the postal voting box means that you already have a postal vote and do not need to reapply).
  • Alternatively, if there are no changes to be made in any column you can simply text your security code to 80212, a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile phone if your update has been successful

To use any of the above services you will need to have your two part security code to hand (printed on the right hand side of your registration form). For more information on how to use the above services please see the reverse of your registration form.


If there ARE changes to the form

If there are changes to the form, other than to add or remove existing members of the household from the edited register, you cannot use the Internet, Freephone or SMS service, you must show any changes on the form and then return it to us by post. If people have moved simply cross out their names and write in the names of the current qualifying residents, sign the form and return to us. If the property is empty simply tick the appropriate box to tell us why the property is empty, sign the form and return to us.

Please be aware: If you are returning the registration form by post and DO NOT wish to appear on the edited register you MUST put a cross in box 8 on the form.

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E-mail address
Telephone 0116 272 7560
Fax 0116 272 7596

If you need this information in other languages or formats (large print, Braille or audio), please let us know when you contact us.

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