Despair after second attack on Enderby allotments

Local police are investigating an arson attack on an allotment site operated by Enderby Allotment Society.

Arsonists poured petrol along the perimeter fence of the  site and set light to the fuel. The blaze that followed destroyed fencing and a shed.

The attack  occurred  in the early hours of Monday, just a couple of days following a previous incident of vandalism on the site when a number of sheds were broken into and windows smashed. A number of tools were stolen as well as many plants trodden down and destroyed.

Acting chairman of the Enderby Allotment Society, Ashley Cox, told the Leicester Mercury:

“The first people to arrive on Monday morning found one of the sheds burned to the ground – it was just a pile of ashes and was still smoldering.

“Whoever broke in seems to have poured petrol around the boundary between the allotments and Enderby Golf Course and set it alight.

“We found an empty petrol can near to where it had been poured.

“There were gardening tools – forks and spades – left in the shed and they were destroyed, along with plastic fencing.

“It’s very demoralising and to have two incidents in such a short time is disappointing.

“We don’t have any money to pay for security fences so people can get in quite easily from the golf course.

“It’s just mindless vandalism.”

Regarding the theft of tools, Mr Cox told the Mercury that most of the allotment holders were careful not to leave anything of any value on the site. He continued saying:

“Most of us keep our tools at home because we know they aren’t safe in our sheds.

“It’s a pity we have to expect this sort of thing happening and that we all have to drive to the allotments with our cars to carry our tools because we can’t leave them there.”

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating the incident at Enderby in which a shed was set alight and a number of items were damaged including furniture and tools.

“We are appealing for anyone with information to call us.”

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to call Leicestershire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on             0800 555 111      .

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