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Enderby EYE is a website focused on the village of Enderby, Leicestershire and its surrounding area. It is a volunteer-run ‘online’ publication only.

The Enderby EYE website has been reporting on events and activities in the Enderby area since 2005. It achieves this through both the valued contributions from members of the local community as well as monitoring and input from its voluntary staff (otherwise known as the ‘crew’!)

Enderby Parish Church
Local scene: Enderby Parish Church

Today the goal remains the same as it was in 2005 – to aggregate contemporary information about Enderby and its vicinity and to serve as a resource for those wishing to foster community spirit within the village, as well as former residents who would like to ‘keep in touch’.

The site is monitored on a daily basis and updated / maintained by volunteer effort.

The EYE also has a Facebook page and can be followed on Twitter.

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With all aspects of the website we rely on (and greatly value) supporters’ contributions in terms of news, anecdotes and photos, etc.

Contact: office@enderbyeye.co.uk

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History of the area

If you would like to read something of the history of Enderby, Leicestershire, you can view our ‘Brief History of Enderby’ page, compiled by EYE correspondent Erica Statham,


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