A place to ‘tarry a while’

Many Enderby residents will have seen that the Parish Council undertook a community development project to improve the aesthetics of the area of Townsend Road, opposite the Community Library.

The disused toilet facility and the immediately surrounding land were once in the ownership of other local authorities and in late 2016 these ownerships were transferred to Enderby Parish Council.

Old Townsend Road Toilets site
The disused toilets before Enderby Parish Council took ownership – Image Google

The area, once hidden and blighted by tall shrubbery and litter was cleared by the Council’s ground staff so that the improvement project could begin in earnest.

New bench and planter
After the Parish Council got involved….. now a place to tarry a while!

The project was supported by Eurovia, the transport infrastructure construction and urban development experts who were working on the nearby commercial area off Leicester Lane. Eurovia supplied and laid the new paving at no cost to the Parish.

New Homes Bonus funding was used to re-purpose the site as a place close to the centre of the village to sit, relax and just contemplate the day!

The new site has disabled access and the Council introduced a refurbished bench seat, new litter-bin and planter.

Palmers Garden Centre offered to supply plants for the planter, free of charge.

Hopefully this area will be enjoyed (especially when the better weather emerges) and local residents are disposed to take a stroll through the village.


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